fish it your way

Customized fishing session

We try our best to cater to your favourite style of fishing. Be it, bottom fishing, playing artificials in the mangroves or lure casting around the drops. Speak to us, we will try our best to make it happen.

Experience Kayak Fishing like Never Before

All our customers will be on a Hobie Compass. Equipped with the latest Mirage Drive 180 Kick Up Fins. Also for maximum experience of kayak fishing, individual kayaks will be decked out with their individual EchoSounders. Be the Captain you always wanted and Fish it your way!

Water Knowledge

With more then total combine of 15yrs of water knowledge on the water. Rest assured that your safety is our TOP PRIORITY. Each trip is planned out to the minor details from Tides, co efficient and more.

challenge yourself

Fish new areas

Access untouch mangroves systems that only can be reached through Kayaks or Small boats!  The Legendary Barramundis lurks in such areas!

push Angling boundaries

With Kayaks, you can get closer to structures then boats..  It’s Stealth like features always gives you the unfair advantage of sneaking up to a fish.

About our guiding services

Try out kayak fishing with our guide Mathew.  With about 14yrs of kayak fishing experience in Singapore.  Currently representing Hobie as the Singapore Pro Staff.  Mathew will share his passion on kayak fishing with you and his knowledge so that you are set properly from the get go!

Guiding Pricing

Guided Trips $150 per pax (Max up to 3 kayaks)